Acne Venus AC Dual

Help to banish acne using a combination of IPL light treatment where blue light targets porphyrins produced by acne-causing bacteria, leading to destruction of the bacteria, while red light controls inflammation and promotes faster healing

Bioptron Light Therapy

Bioptron Light Therapy is a unique, optimised, patented combination of light features in the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum, which bio-stimulates cells and accelerates the healing process of a broad range of skin conditions. Heal, soothe and restore your skin with a natural light.

Clinical skin Peels

Clinical Peels reveal smoother, healthier, glowing skin with our medical grade skin peels ranging from light to mid-depth or deep systems which require downtime.

Fractional / Pixel Laser

Fractional / Pixel Laser Refresh and renew your skin with a clinically proven treatment that will naturally stimulate your cell turnover and rejuvenate thick, dull, lack lustre skin with fine lines or scar tissue, revealing a smoother more radiant skin.

IPL – Photorejuvenation

Fast and effective complexion correction using Intense Pulsed Light targeting brown spots and red blood vessels, stimulating collagen and elastin, resulting in a lighter, brighter and more even skin colour.

LED Light Therapy

Brighten up and get your glow on using light therapy combinations, where the science of skin rejuvenation can be assisted by using therapeutic light delivering energy into the various layers of the skin.


One technology, all skin types designed to resurface the skin with 160 pins delivering up to 700 pulses with Radio Frequency Smartscan to improve the appearance of acne or other scars, striae, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

Plasma Pen

The Accor Cosmetic Corrector is cutting edge technology (Germany engineered & UK Manufactured) used for a number of skin tightening concerns. The plasma arc is achieved by ionising nitrogen and oxygen creating small carbon crusts on the skin which causes the skin to contract and leads to tightening in the treated area. The controlled injury begins the skin’s natural ability to heal and increase collagen production. 

RF & PEMF – Radio Frequency

A combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to treat loose skin and moderate to severe wrinkles. A comfortable skin tightening treatment with no downtime, for all skin types. A course of 8-10 treatments twice a week for the face, tummy, arms and legs.

Skin Classic – DIATHERMY

The perfect treatment for skin irregularities using a safe and effective non laser diathermy procedure treating skin irregularities such as milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, skin tags, clogged pores and xanthelasma. 

Skin Needling

Skin Needling restore smoothness and elasticity using the internationally acclaimed Rejuvapen system, where micro needling stimulates a healing response in your skin while a potent serum of growth factors and hyaluronic acid reinvigorates your cells with the strength they need for new collagen fibres to flourish. The result is a more refined, rejuvenated tone and texture of your skin.


Tixel uses a titanium tip with tiny heated cones, the Tixel treatment will provide everything from a deep infusion of serums, through to resurfacing and remodeling of the skin, improving the appearance of scar tissue, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Tribella skin rejuvenation

Using three applicators with distinct modes of action, TriBella is the synergistic fusion of three unique technologies for unparalleled outcomes. Kick start your transformation with this treatment and repeat or switch to nanofractional needling (step 3) for remaining treatments within the package for optimal results.

Advanced Bookings Recommended