Depigmentation Treatment 


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Cosmelan is the Rolls Royce of Treatments for Facial Depigmentation, Blemishes & Hyperpigmentation

Anybody who suffers from Melasma or has ever had to deal with persistent pigmentation knows how hard it is to treat. They have probably spent a lot of money on various solutions to manage this condition. However, it’s essential to understand that the pigmentation you observe on the surface of your skin is only a tiny component of what is beneath your skin. The Cosmelan Peel works by significantly reducing pigmentation and disrupting its production at a cellular level.

The Cosmelan Peel is a revolutionary treatment designed to treat all types of skin pigmentation issues. It is safe and effective for all skin types and is a brilliant solution for post-acne traces, acne scars, freckles, sun damage, age spots and stubborn Melasma. In addition, this innovative treatment evens skin tone and brightens the skin. As a proven medical solution worthy of investment, the treatment frequency recommended is once a year, but long-term care boils down to your aftercare compliance.

We can help you reduce and eliminate your pigmentation. This technique is one of the most effective cosmetic lighting procedures against skin imperfections caused by melanin. However, we need you to trust the process and be diligent with your home care.

The efficacy of this treatment is primarily attributed to the diminishing effect on freckles, age spots, or larger areas of darkened skin and regulating development by reducing the overproduction of melanin.

Anybody concerned with pigmentation, sun damage, Melasma, or any other form of pigmentation caused by acne and other skin conditions can benefit from Cosmelan.

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The Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment is ideal and safe for all skin types, Fitzpatrick levels and skin tones.
Other benefits include:

  • Treats PIH, Liver Spots & Freckles
  • Regulates the skin’s oil production
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Treats Melasma very well
  • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
  • Proven and effective process
  • Restores luminocity and smooths the skin



    How Does Cosmelan Work?
    The Cosmelan treatment has two key stages:

    1. The treatment begins with exfoliating the skin to ensure an even tone by removing layers of dead skin cells.
    2. Next, the treatment reduces the production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for forming the tone/colour of your skin and is the main culprit behind your pigmentation and dark spots.

    The active ingredients used in the treatment are very effective yet gentle on the skin to ensure you get the best possible results.

    What is the Cosmelan Treatment Process?

    STEP 1

    Brightening Peel Booster involves applying Cosmelan products at home. The Brightening Peel Booster is used every evening for four weeks before peeling treatment in our Clinic.

    STEP 2

    The Lactic Acid Mesopeel is applied two weeks before the peeling treatment. In addition, two LED or Bioptron Light Therapy treatments are included before the Cosmelan 1 treatment.

    STEP 3

    Applying the stimulating mask in our Clinic is a quick and stress-free process.

    First, your skin is cleansed thoroughly and prepared for the treatment.

    The Cosmelan mask is applied evenly to your skin. You may feel a slight sting upon application, but this is normal and temporary. You may want to invest in a spray bottle to fill with purified to spritz on the face while your mask is on to reduce any itching.

    The mask stays on the skin for between 8 to 12 hours. Times may vary depending on your skin type and the recommendation from your aesthetician. In some instances, it may be less than eight hours.

    Post-care documents detail when and how to remove the mask at home.

    The home care kit will provide morning and night post-care instruction on products for the next 72 hours

    STEP 4

    After the specified time has elapsed, remove the mask with lukewarm water and Hydracream Fusion Cleanser.

    It is imperative that only Mesoestetic Skincare be used during this time to achieve the best possible outcome and minimise the incidence of reactions.

    The first 72hours after mask removal, use the Hydracream Fusion Hydratonic Mist and the Melan Recovery as recommended by our aesthetician. Hydra Vital Face Mask can be used as an extra whenever your skin needs more moisture and applied for 20 minutes. The Melan 130 Pigment Control Sunscreen is mandatory, used in the morning, and reapplied throughout the day after the Melan Recovery Cream.

    Peeling starts 2 to 3 days after applying the mask in most cases. After that, you must return to the Clinic to complete your rejuvenation treatments to enhance your skin recovery over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

    How long after treatment will I start seeing results?

    3 to 4 weeks after treatment, you will start observing:

    • The disappearance of many dark spots
    • Significant reduction in pigmentation
    • Overall improvement in skin tone and complexion
    Is Cosmelan just for the face?

    The Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment is commonly used to reduce dark spots on the face. The best results are achieved in the facial area.

    Can any skin type be treated?

    All products used in the Cosmelan treatment are safe for all skin types, Fitzpatrick levels and skin tones.

    Are you required to take any precautions during the treatment?

    Using the Cosmelan Melan 130 Pigment Control SPF sunscreen is critical since both artificial and natural light can stimulate melanin production. During the first few days of treatment, avoid the following activities: outdoor sports, exposure to direct heat sources, sauna, and swimming in pools.

    It is imperative that only Mesoestetic Skincare be used during this time to achieve the best possible outcome and minimise the incidence of reactions.

    You must complete the aftercare rejuvenation treatments in the Clinic as outlined with your aesthetician.

    Can any medication negatively influence the results?

    Some supplements and drugs may contain ingredients that can interfere with melanin synthesis or have photosensitising effects on the skin. Discuss all medications with your medical practitioner or specialist before undergoing treatment.

    Are there any side effects from Cosmelan?
    • Mild redness and discomfort in affected areas
    • Itchiness and tightness
    • Sensitive skin that can be easily irritated
    • Scarring in some rare cases (it’s extremely crucial that you avoid touching your face unnecessarily when going through this treatment)
    • If you have rosacea or have been using Roaccutane in the last six months, you should postpone this treatment to a later date. Also, this treatment should not be applied if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.
    Sue and her knowledgeable staff can provide you with more details on post-treatment skincare or rejuvenation treatments to enhance the skin recovery . Contact our clinic to enquire about packages and pricing.

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