how to treat photoaging of the skin

How To Treat Photoaging Of The Skin

The Peel You are Having When You are Not Having a Peel It is that time of the year again when our skin is letting us know the summer has been a little unkind. The telltale signs of hyperpigmentation are quite apparent on our skin. One of the most effective ways to...

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enzyme exfoliation for the winter skin

Enzyme Exfoliation for the Winter Skin

All skin types can benefit from enzyme exfoliation during the cooler months of winter, where hot showers and heaters create superficial dryness. Enzymes are a naturally occurring solution for this challenge by digesting and dissolving dead, dry skin cells, revealing healthy, radiant skin.

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brown skin spots on the face and the sun

Brown Skin Spots On The Face And The Sun

Explore effective treatments and prevention strategies for brown skin spots and sun spots, also known as solar lentigines. From homecare regimes to clinical treatments, learn how to manage hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, hormonal imbalances, and other factors to achieve a clearer skin tone. Discover ingredients and treatments that protect and renew your skin.

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what treatment do i choose? colour correction, skin firming, refinement and radiance.

What Treatment Do I Choose? Colour Correction, Skin Firming, Refinement and Radiance.

Texture, tone and colour all play a huge role in defining the appearance of healthy skin. There are many treatments available to improve the texture and complexion of your skin by reducing hyperpigmentation, and fine lines, clearing acne, improving pore size, reducing scarring and simply brightening the skin. But where to start, what to have and what to combine it all with, for the best possible result.

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what is comedogenicity – pore blocking ingredients

What Is Comedogenicity – Pore Blocking Ingredients

What Is Comedogenicity We have all used products where we end up with our skin blocked and spotty. These products can be anything from shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, makeup or self-tanning products when applied to the skin or hair. Ingredients creating blocked...

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do men & women have different skin?

Do Men & Women Have Different Skin?

Men vs Women Are They Different? Do Men & Women Have Different Skin? Our largest organ, the skin, has many similarities between men and women, but there are also some key differences. Men's skin is recognised as different from women's by the top skin care...

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reduce visible signs of aging with collagen

Reduce Visible Signs of Aging with Collagen

Collagen Reduces Visible Signs of Aging There are three main fundamental building blocks to sustain the skin and reduce the observable signs of aging. These are Collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium. The most common and plentiful of our bodies' proteins is Collagen....

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renew & revive skin with a peel

Renew & Revive Skin with a Peel

Skin Peels - Revive & Renew Your Skin We are moving into the cooler time of the year, which means skin rejuvenation and the reduction of hyperpigmentation should be at the forefront of your mind. Skin peeling is one such technique for skin renewal, offering many...

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beauty buzz & healthy habits

Beauty Buzz & Healthy Habits

Beauty Buzz, Healthy Habits and Wellness Having forced time off and working from home over the last two years has made more people think about their health and beauty issues. It is time to look at the body, mind, and spirit. The act of taking time to care for oneself...

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topical sunscreens and a healthy summer

Topical Sunscreens and a Healthy Summer

Topical Sunscreens and a Healthy Summer Many doctors and scientists agree that as much as 90% of all visible signs of aging of the skin are caused by sun damage. Statistically, it is said that 50% of sun damage occurs before the age of eighteen. Antioxidants assist...

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