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Having forced time off and working from home over the last two years has made more people think about their health and beauty issues. It is time to look at the body, mind, and spirit. The act of taking time to care for oneself is healing within itself.

Anti-aging injectables still provide one of the best anti-wrinkle solutions for crows feet and the furrows between the brows. But, did you know they may also assist with reducing a gummy smile, provide a “lip flip” instead of having filler, and lessen the pursing action of the top lip, which creates the lipstick bleed.

Faces were front and centre with working situations on Zoom. The lips were another focal point where solutions are possible. As we age, there is a decrease in the volume of the lip, while lip borders become blurred, outer corners of the lips droop and vertical lines occur. Younger clients typically desire the over-exaggerated, extra plump look they see on social media. The older client normally wants soft, subtle volume with minimal projection. Often combining modalities with Botox, filler and resurfacing treatments will provide the optimum result.

Poor Lymphatic drainage is the cause of a lot of beauty and health issues in the body. Either manual lymphatic drainage or the use of a relaxing compression suit will assist with bringing fresh blood to the stagnant areas and will assist with removing toxins. Lymphatic drainage has a positive effect on collagen production and can be magnified when you are multitasking under either an LED or Bioptron light for extra collagen stimulation.

It’s that time of the year again when we are thinking about correcting the sun damage – hyperpigmentation and glycation wrinkles- we acquired during the warmer months. When you combine a cocktail of treatments that are designed specifically for your requirements your goals can be obtained. Even now in 2022, the message is still to combine correct skincare, laser treatments and chemical peels along with a healthy internal programme. A cookie-cutter approach is not suitable as we are all individuals with specific concerns.

There is always a debate about what diet provides the greatest health benefits. Is it a low carbohydrate, low fat, increased protein or intermittent fasting? Researchers at Yale University have identified a protein that may be harnessed to elevate human health when moderate calorie restrictions are adhered to. It has long been shown by a simple reduction of calories, and no specific diet, will have remarkable effects in terms of biology and shifting the immune-metabolic balance to a state that is protective of human health. As always, a strict diet change should be supervised by a nutrition practitioner.

Cryotherapy is a healthy addition to recover muscle strain and reduce inflammation within the body. This can be achieved in a number of ways including ice baths, cryotherapy chambers and cold showers using the Wimhof breathing techniques to receive optimum benefits.

Sugar intake increases the speed and degree to which the skin looks and feels older. This process is known as glycation. Sugar molecules in food attach themselves to proteins in the body, such as elastin and collagen. This will result in making the protein stiff and inflexible. Eventually, these end products make collagen rigid, and it will lose its ability to keep the skin firm and ultimately contributes to the aging process. This process intensifies as we age. Again, nothing new, but after a challenging few years, it is a timely reminder that our diet helps our body function in a state of wellness or illness.

There is a greater focus in 2022 on wellbeing, feeling good, looking good and being the best version of ourselves we can be internally and externally. This road we are travelling is about adding small sustainable changes to one’s life and addressing the person as a whole.

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