Men vs Women Are They Different?

Do Men & Women Have Different Skin? Our largest organ, the skin, has many similarities between men and women, but there are also some key differences. Men’s skin is recognised as different from women’s by the top skin care companies worldwide.

Hormones will always be the main difference between men and women, which is the first step to explaining the differences in men’s skin. The androgens, particularly the hormone testosterone, attach to the receptors in the dermis and epidermis, creating noticeable differences in the male skin physiology.

Essentially there are six primary differences between men’s and women’s skin.

  1. Men have slightly oilier skin than women. This is because their sebaceous or oil-producing glands are smaller, but their skin has a higher secretion of sebum. Oilier skin can be more prone to open pores, blemishes and acne. Considering this, men’s skin care products, starting with their shaving system, will factor this in to offer more balance for sebum production.
  2. Men have more facial hair than women, which is more coarse and tough. When choosing a shaving protocol, consider both the condition of the skin and the hair texture to help avoid pseudofolliculitis – aka ingrown hairs. This is where the coarse hair grows sideways in the skin follicle and is caused mainly by shaving. Where possible, the wet shaving method will produce a better and more consistent shave, reduce razor burn, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs and produce a clean and healthy appearance. Men’s skincare products that control infection and reduce cellular blockages will help to eliminate this problem.
  3. Men’s skin is slightly more acidic and has an overall sweat composition that contains more AHA and lactic acid, contributing to the skin’s acidity. Washing the skin is the first step in any skin care programme. Most face washes or soaps men use have a very high pH level, undermining the skin’s natural defence system. The perfect face wash for men will clean, energise and maintain the skin’s natural acid mantle, producing healthier skin.
  4. Most men experience more sensitive skin compared to women. This may be seen in the form of flaking, dryness and redness. Starting with the irritating effects of shaving, incorrect products and regime, and other damaging conditions such as wind, cuts, sun, the use of hot water, and chemicals will increase skin sensitivity.
  5. Physiologically male skin has more active fibroblast cells compared to women. This results in an increase in collagen production, which means thicker skin. Thicker skin has many advantages, but it also has a downside whereby their skin may have more and deeper facial lines and more age spots. Men’s skin cells also carry fewer antioxidants, which can increase the number and depth of facial lines and pigmentation marks. When men look after their skin from an early age with sun protection and preventative repair serums and treatment creams, they can maintain skin tone, strength and a marked reduction in wrinkles.
  6. The rate of skin cancer is also higher, particularly in Caucasian men. The most common form of skin cancer in men is melanoma, generally found on the neck, upper back, ears and face. For maximum sun protection, a good sunscreen with zinc oxide must be used daily as it will contain a naturally higher occurring sun protection factor.

Men are wanting result-oriented treatments and products, but they still want simplicity. Many of the time-proven, effective ingredients will deliver the same benefits to both sexes, but it is the levels within the formulas that make the difference. A scientifically formulated skincare range and treatment programme will be focused on five simple but critical skin laws: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore and build and protect.

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