The Solution to Minimising Enlarged Pores

Male or female, young or old, enlarged pores can play havoc with the smooth appearance we are all striving for with our skin. Beauty and healthy skin are associated with perfect skin and pores are a huge part of this equation. A person’s pores may be more or less noticeable depending on their genetics, skin type and age. The good news is there are 

Clinical treatments and home care products can be used to minimise the appearance of the enlarged pore size.

There is a misconception surrounding the nature of a pore. It is not a hole in the skin, but rather an opening onto the skin’s surface from a gland below the skin. A pore provides a channel through the epidermis (first layer of skin) into the dermis (second layer of skin).

Three main causes of enlarged pores are:

Excessive oil or sebum – sebaceous glands produce a lot of oil and this can be stimulated by both heat and humidity particularly in the summer months 

Decreased elasticity around the pore. This is when the skin becomes less supple over time, particularly when there has been a lot of sun exposure in the past – the collagen and elastin become less firm supporting the skin around the pore. 

Increased hair follicle volume. The pore at the end of the hair follicle becomes clogged with oil, oxidizes and turns dark. 

While we cant remove pores, the combination of Clinical treatments and home care products can certainly reduce the appearance of the pore size to make them less noticeable.

Some of the in Clinic treatments may include:

Venus Viva™, Nano Fractional treatment – the latest fractional radiofrequency device, has demonstrated great results in improvements to enlarged pores, wrinkles, reduced acne and traumatic scars. 

Tixel – a skin treatment that involves the stamping of a heated metal plate with pyramid-shaped spikes onto the skin. It is not a laser, but instead, it utilises thermo-mechanical energy to evaporate tiny channels into the skin. This has the effect of stimulating new collagen formation which improves skin quality and assists with reducing pore size 

Pixel Fractional Laser -is an FDA-approved fractional laser treatment that can reduce years of sun damage, fine lines and can also shrink the appearance of pores and smooth out acne scars. 

Skin Needling – is one of the most effective dermal therapies for optimising skin regeneration. It’s a minimally invasive treatment designed to improve the appearance of pore size and skin texture 

Chemical Peels – a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution such as TCA or Jessner’s solution, is applied to the skin to remove top layers of the skin. The skin that grows back after a chemical peel is younger-looking and smoother. Chemical peels are used to treat enlarged pores, skin discoloration, wrinkles, skin and scars. 

Referring to one of my usual analogies: if you were to go to your personal fitness trainer for a flat tummy, pay the fees, do the workout and come home and eat cream cakes and drink sugary beverages and then complain that their training did not work, you are not getting bang for your buck. You have to put in 80% of the work and us/they do 20% of the total result. This is the same with your skincare in Clinic treatments and your home care regime.

Your homecare regime should consist of a cleansing routine, the use of gauze and toning lotion, the application of either a Vitamin A, salicylic, mandelic, glycolic or lactic acid serum each night along with the appropriate growth factor and multivitamin serums, moisturising treatment cream for day and night and sunscreen for day use.

Pores are a vital part of our skin health, and getting rid of them completely is impossible. Regular work with the appropriate home care products and regular in Clinic treatments will assist with minimising their size, providing the skin with a smooth, firm appearance.

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