Shining the light on Hyperpigmentation

Shining the light on Hyperpigmentation

After an outdoor lifestyle during the hotter months, we are left with the ravages which are reflected on our skin in the form of hyperpigmentation or brown marks.
As the season changes, the humidity dissipates and the cool weather brings welcome relief from the heat of summer, it is the perfect time to review our skincare concerns, practices, and home care regime.
Many of us aim for glowing, radiant skin, but regrettably, many also battle some level of hyperpigmentation. It is not a skin type, rather a common condition brought on by many factors ranging from medicines to sun exposure to hormonal changes and trauma or acne.
Any skin type can experience Hyperpigmentation – dry, oily, dark, also light. Simply put, it is the extreme stimulation of melanin in the skin that produces darkened, uneven, skin tone. Extreme melanin production can occur from systemic (with-in the body) and extrinsic (outside the body) causes.
There are numerous explanations of hyperpigmentation (dyschromia) and uneven skin tone as well as several depths of harm to the skin. The changes indicated in the skin happen as melanocytes are either destroyed causing hypopigmentation or over-stimulated, resulting in hyperpigmentation.
Our melanocytes, or colour producing cells are there for the protection of the cell initially. We require them in order to assist combating the impact of UV rays. Nevertheless, after that security process has actually taken place you are now entrusted with underlying damage and we see this in the kind of pigmentation.

Types of Pigment Changes Include:

  • Hyperpigmentation – darkened pigment
  • Hypopigmentation – no melanin
  • Demarcation – irregular pigmentation from picking, scratching and procedures
  • Melasma – Patches that appear denser and larger

There Are Three Types of Hyperpigmentation:

  • Epidermal – the surface is not as dense and light brown in colour
  • Dermal – The Skin is ashen-grey and deep brown, it also seems more solid
  • Mixture – Both levels are usually dark brown

Some Typical Causes of Hyperpigmentation Can Include

PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
Birth Control Pills Estrogen (HRT)
(Melasma) Long-Term Sun Exposure
Razor Bumps
Severe Sunburn
Chemical Irritations, Electrolysis
Abrasive Scrubs
Certain Prescription Medications
Chicken Pox Picking
Scratching, Insect Bites
Trauma to Skin
Surgical Procedures
Perfumes Sprayed on Sun-Exposed Areas
Two primary elements that affect hyperpigmentation are the sun and heat. So please wear an SPF during the day, stay cool and be careful with overuse of products that contain hydroquinone. This active ingredient remains in numerous non-prescription lightening items and has numerous debates connected with it. Your skin may develop resistance, or immunity, and can even end up being darker with continued use of hydroquinone.

Professional Treatments

The goal for the in-clinic treatment is to combine both brightening and skin building treatments and active ingredients which will assist with reducing hyperpigmentation, sun damage concerns, and assist with resetting the skin towards healthy, clear and radiant.
There are numerous outcome-driven peels offered in the hands of a qualified expert, ranging from progressive to mid-depth and deep peels. One such peel is the Pigmentation Solutions Peel which is a progressive to mid-depth peel designed to begin cellular turnover, enhance skin and lower pigmentation. With simply the right balance of TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), sake and potent melanin suppressors, skin will be left toned and fine-tuned for luminous skin.
Other Clinical treatments available to assist with lowering colouring are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Skin Needling, Nano-Fractional Laser, Fractional Laser, Q-Swithch Yag, Diathermy and Tixel.
When any intensive in-clinic treatment is undertaken, it is recommended to prepare your skin with supportive home care products to assist with strengthening and/ or lightening the skin for at least a few weeks prior for optimal results. This will help in the preparation of the melanocytes so there are no rebound results such as darker spots of pigment a couple of weeks post-treatment.
Diagnosing and repairing hyperpigmentation and sun damage is sadly not one size fits all. In order to reveal the best version of you, a mix of excellent house care and in-clinic professional treatments is typically the very best method to help with healthy, glowing and more youthful skin.
Lymphatic Drainage Body Booster

Lymphatic Drainage Body Booster

Compression therapy, also known as a Lymphatic Body Booster may be the ideal relaxing and beneficial treatment to assist with increasing blood flow and is perfect for clients with a BMI over 50 to support weight loss, the elimination of toxins after fat freezing or those with lymphedema.
Compression therapy is known also as Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC). It improves blood flow movement in the limbs by stimulating vein support through specially designed garments and intermittent pneumatic compression pumps. However, there are many more uses and health issues it can support.
IPC therapy may also help post-partum women strengthen loose skin (the result of pregnancy or weight gain). It improves skin nutrition and helps recover skin elasticity. The results can be assisted with dry body brushing daily at home along with Radio Frequency treatments in the clinic.

IPC can help with swelling due to sitting for long periods during travel, especially air travel. In the most acute case, it can lead to something called “traveller’s thrombosis,” a grave ailment during which a blood clot forms in a deep leg vein. Heavy, tired legs, swollen feet and “cankles” are some of the less desirable effects of air travel and stationary lifestyles. IPC may assist in reducing bloating, swelling, cellulite, leg fatigue by improving oxygen flow, improving extracellular fluid clearing and lymphatic drainage throughout the whole body.

IPC may also benefit those suffering from a poor circulatory and lymphatic movement as a result of their occupation. Posture can be impaired during long periods of sitting as well. It relieves tiredness and heaviness in the arms and the legs and improves general mobility.

For those with poor circulation issues, IPC can stimulate venous and lymphatic return blood flow, therefore maintaining the normal return circulation.

Effective lymphatic drainage with IPC can promote the body’s naturally occurring toxin clearing functions to promote general body detoxification. More importantly, IPC can be used to help prevent DVT in the aging population or for those who smoke heavily, both of who carry an increased health risk.

IPC is a safe and non-invasive treatment post-liposuction, and it provides immediate comfort. It also helps with pain and swelling, as well as skin recovery.

IPC can be used to prevent the appearance of varicose veins and the prevention of hematomas after varicose vein stripping.

IPC therapy can be used to prevent hematoma and DVT in post-operative edema (post-mastectomy, etc.) and post-traumatic edema. IPC not only reduces leg swelling but also augments the veno-lymphatic pump, which is essential for the recovery of the damaged microcirculation of the skin.

For diabetic neuropathy balance dysfunction, IPC increases nutritional supplies to the peripheral nervous system, which shows significant increases in standing time with eyes either open or closed by performing functional balance tests.

IPC promotes sleep management, improves energy and relaxation. Firm but gentle pressure can relax the nervous system. When deep pressure is applied to the body, the body switches from running the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nervous system takes over, this causes the heart rate to slow down, muscles to relax and circulation to improve. The body then produces endorphins and releases dopamine and serotonin.

IPC improves recovery and endurance for active people that are competitive in sports. IPCs allow the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems to expedite the removal of metabolic waste, which is meant to speed recovery and filter the lactic acid out of the system.

There are contraindications for the IPC therapy such as pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism, known or suspected deep vein thrombosis, non-pitting chronic lymphedema, thrombophlebitis, acute inflammation of the skin such as cellulitis, severe peripheral neuropathy and active metastatic diseases affecting the edematous region.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression or body boost lymphatic drainage treatments are relaxing and beneficial to assist with optimum circulatory functioning within the body. If there are medical concerns a doctor’s authority should always be given before the treatment. Treatments are beneficial every other day to achieve optimum results.

Venus Viva is the Rolls Royce of Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation during the summer can be more limited with choice compared to winter due to the Australian sun and associated pigmentation repercussions. This does not mean that skin rejuvenation must halt, we simply need to make slightly different choices.
There are many different types of skin rejuvenation using skin needling and depending on what condition is being treated, and your lifestyle, it may determine your choice of treatment to be undertaken in summer. The most popular skin needling treatments providing excellent results include; Venus Viva™ Nano-Fractional Skin Needling, Rejuvapen, Tixel Infusion Micro Channel Technology and Dermal Rollers for home use.
All of these procedures will treat open pores, fine lines and wrinkles, scar tissue, stretch marks and refine the texture of coarse skin. The above procedures work by stimulating your collagen which regenerates below the surface layer down into the second layer known as the dermis.
New skin cells are regenerated and blood supply is enhanced over the 4-6 weeks post-treatment. In conjunction with prescribed home care products, a gradual improvement of skin texture, pore size and fine lines will be achieved.
Some of the more intensive treatments may require a numbing cream to be applied 40 minutes before treatment for greater comfort. Depending on the condition being treated it is recommended to have a course of 3 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart and then repeat one treatment every 3-4 months to maintain and improve the appearance of the skin.
With some of the more intensive treatments, the skin will appear red or pink for a day or two and makeup can be applied to assist with concealing this. Often a small amount of dryness and light flaking can occur so protective nourishing creams, along with sunscreen during the day, must be applied morning and night to ensure optimal skin healing and rejuvenation.
Venus Viva™ is the Rolls Royce when it comes to skin resurfacing treatments. 160 micro pins deliver heat via Radio Frequency, through the skin’s surface. These micro pins create thousands of mini wounds to the dermis which the body naturally heals assisting with skin regeneration. Venus Viva™ is also a non-surgical skin tightening treatment when used in conjunction with multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF).
Rejuvapen Skin Needling or CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) procedure uses 12 stainless steel needles and can be programmed for the depth required, from 0.02-2.6mm Many years ago we only had manual rollers at the Clinic’s disposal and had to use several different rollers with varying needle lengths to achieve the results we can achieve today with Rejuvapen.
Tixel Infusion treatments utilise pure radiant heat and small needle-like prisms to rejuvenate the skin, reduce skin laxity and restore the dermal signs of ageing such as fine lines, thin skin and a dull complexion. Tixel Infusion, unlike other needling treatments, opens thousands of tiny channels which are open for 5-6 hours allowing various topical serum cocktails of peptides, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, growth factors and anti-wrinkle ingredients to be massaged into the skin each hour over this period. With consecutive Tixel Infusion treatments, it not only stimulates cellular renewal but may also reduce and improve rosacea, dehydration and a lacklustre complexion all without pain and downtime.
Skin Needling Rollers and Micro Channel Technology delivery systems are an extremely valuable tool for home use to boost in-Clinic treatments, skin refinement and serum absorption. In-Clinic, treatments can be boosted by using a home dermal roller every other day for five minutes and Micro Channel Technology once a week.

Skin needling treatments are a great boot camp for skin rejuvenation during the summer months in Australia. The body and skin are continually ageing and to improve and maintain the appearance of the skin, regular treatments need to be undertaken in conjunction with a good product home care routine morning and night along with a healthy lifestyle.

Is your Skin Tired & Lucklustre? Are you suffering from Maskme?

Each year Christmas is on the same date and we are always surprised that it is here again so quickly. What a year we have been challenged with, and our skin has stood by us through the good and the bad. With consistent mask-wearing and/or extra stress, our skin is showing what is happening on both the inside and outside. With family and friends time just around the corner, I have a few tips that will help make your skin glow for this special time of the year.
As a specialist skin clinic, we are seeing skin problems that have surfaced with the wearing of masks during this time to keep us safe.
Lower face rashes, irritation, dryness and mask acne – aka maskne – have people hiding behind their masks even more in order to conceal their distress regarding their facial skin. Quite often between incorrect skincare and makeup, poor cleansing routines, moisture being trapped by the mask along with exhaled carbon dioxide and allergens causing skin irritation. In most cases the answer is simple and may include changing your routine with a pH balanced cleanser, toning with gauze and toning lotion, applying mandelic serum and another that will soothe and hydrate the skin. Keep makeup to a minimum and change masks as often as possible to ensure they are clean and not harbouring bacteria.
During the summer months with extra heat and sun exposure, the skin tends to be more sensitive. As a general rule, the skin in summer requires more antioxidants, peptides and hydrating serums, and not the heavier treatment creams that protect during the winter. With increased UV exposure the skin is more susceptible to free radical exposure and this is where antioxidant serums can become powerful allies for healthy skin.
So many factors can affect the skin during periods of stress and hot summer days, such as lack of sleep, change of diet which might include excess sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, water quality or quantity, and skipping the morning and evening skincare ritual. Stop, take a breath and review your lifestyle and homecare routine and see where positive changes can be made.
Exfoliation is one of the main keys to skin rejuvenation and the glow of health for your skin. Over exfoliation, however, is one of the worst nightmares the skin will negotiate. When we think our skin feels thick, congested and appears lacklustre, we just want to scrub it all away, this can lead us to compromise the protective barrier of the skin and create more problems with skin irritation, redness, infection and itchiness. I believe the use of gauze and a good pH balanced toning lotion morning and evening for most skins will be a major key to glowing, healthy skin which is then ready to accept the serums and protective treatment creams we apply. By implementing this step the serums and creams you use will then be more effective and provide you with their value for money as they then stand a chance to work the way they are meant to work.
Your skin priorities, I believe are:
1. Lifestyle (food and water quality/quantity, sleep, exercise, medication)
2. A good and regular home care routine.
3. In-clinic treatments. Without having number 1 and 2 in good shape, you will never get the full benefits of the money and time you spend in a Clinic with professional treatments. A few of the relaxing and no downtime treatments that can assist with bringing your skin back to its rejuvenated self are JetPeel, Oxygen Infusion and Microdermabrasion with hydrating mask treatments.
Skin Inspiration is always happy to assist with revamping homecare systems that help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion. Frontline workers with maskne can receive digital reviews and complimentary advice during December – email 3 photos – front on and each side of your face with your concerns to

Summer’s Knocking on the Door – Time to get you Glow on

Summer’s Knocking on the Door – Time to get you Glow on
Along with our great outdoor lifestyle comes the ravages of the Australian sun and hyperpigmentation in all its forms. With summer knocking at our door, there is still time to reduce last year’s brown spots before adding to those we will acquire this year.

There are three main types of pigmentation.
Epidermal where the pigmentation is close to the surface of the skin and is light brown
Dermal, where the brown marks appear more solid, is usually deep brown and ashen grey
Mixture where both levels are usually dark brown

There are many causes of hyperpigmentation which may include: PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Pregnancy (melasma), Birth Control Pills, Long Term Sun Exposure, Estrogen (HRT), Razor Bumps, Acne, Severe Sun Burn, Eczema, Chemical Irritations, Rashes, Abrasive Scrubs, Surgical Procedures, Perfume Sprayed on Sun Exposed Skin, Certain Prescription Medications, Picking, Insect Bites, Scratching, Chicken Pox and Trauma to the Skin. As you can see there are many varied reasons for hyperpigmentation, but they all lead to the same outcome where we have ageing brown marks on both our face and body.

Melanocytes are cells in our skin that produce melanin, or pigment and these are located deep within the skin. It would be perfect if the colour or pigment was produced evenly across our skin but given the stimulants mentioned above aggravating our melanin, this is not usually the case.
My philosophy for treating hyperpigmentation focuses on five main areas to help achieve a luminous, radiant glow for our skin. These are: *Surface Exfoliation, *Suppress Melanocyte Activity, *Treatment, *Cellular Repair and Protection, *Lighten and Brighten.

With the assistance of gauze, toning lotion and or surface exfoliation, skin cells are sloughed off, revealing a brighter complexion. Some of the key ingredients in these products are Retinaldehydes, Mandelic Acid, Flower Acids and AHA’s and BHA’s.

To reduce existing hyperpigmentation superior brightening agents in skincare products will include Daisy Flower Extract, Kojic Acid, L-Arbutin, Resveratrol and Niacinamide all of which assist in reducing melanocyte activity. This in turn will improve skin clarity and even out the skin tone.
Treatments to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation may include, progressive, mid-depth and deep peels, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Fractional Laser, Skin Classic Dyathermy, Nano Fractional Laser and Tixel, or a combination of these procedures.

When our skin is under attack from any of the causes of hyperpigmentation, cellular breakdown occurs and cellular repair is much needed. This can be in the form of internal nutritional food and supplements (including the antioxidants Vitamins A, B and C) and external product application (which include ingredients such as reparative stem cells like Gardenia, Swiss Apple, Edelweiss, Vitamin C and B). By incorporating a natural physical sunscreen – zinc and titanium dioxide- to our everyday skincare regime, the skin has a natural shield of protection against future attacks. It is important to note regular 3-4 hourly application of sunscreen is required and even then we can still obtain a tan.

To assist with lightening and brightening our complexion the skin may benefit from the infusion of Vitamin C, Mandelic and Phytic Acids, and Plantain Leaf extract. In-Clinic skincare treatments are like the boot camp for the infusion process of these ingredients and it does not mean you have to suffer to be glowing. The treatments are performed regularly and provide radiant skin and you leaving more relaxed – a great prescription for healthy, radiant skin.
We live in “a sunburnt country” and this means we need to be vigilant all year round with our skin/sun protection. A healthy diet for internal support and sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, long sleeves) and skincare supporting cellular repair and melanin suppression will all assist with the necessary external support. The result will allow us to Get Our Glow On.