Crimes Against The Complexion

While we are in lock-down, the best skincare treatments are not possible in the Clinic, so looking after yourself with the right skincare products and routines can still ensure a glowing complexion. There are however a few bad habits that are easy to fall into that will be crimes against your complexion.
  1. Product Choice: many skincare products, no matter their price point, can take a few weeks to a month to reveal their true potential. As humans, we want a result even before we have opened the jar. It should happen through osmosis, right? Prioritise a daily routine with the correct products and the skin will respond in kind, producing a healthy complexion. It’s the things we do daily that enhance results. If you are switching products too often this can stress the skin creating adverse results. It is also important when using various brands to know how they are interacting with each other, so irritations are not the outcome.
  2. Cleansing: this should be the first step in your morning and evening skincare routine. Keep in mind, you clean your teeth twice a day, clean and treat your skin with the same respect. Under washing is just as bad as over washing the face. Use lukewarm water with a pH-balanced cleanser so the skin is not stripped of its natural protective barrier, setting up irritations, dryness, and flaking.
  3. Exfoliation: dull, lifeless skin can be revived with exfoliation. I usually suggest when using your toning lotion after removing the cleanser, to apply this with a gauze square. Too little toner will scratch the skin while too much is a waste of product and money. This regular form of cleansing and exfoliation is one of the best skincare routines you can do morning and night to ensure the last traces of cleanser, makeup and dry skin are removed and your serums that follow will be used to their maximum potential.
  4. Sleep: the lack of sleep means the skin does not have the full ability to heal and repair itself. It will mean the cellular turnover slows down, the flow of blood to the skin is disrupted and the result is a sallow complexion. Over time sleep deprivation elevates stress levels which can increase skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.
  5. Alcohol: excessive alcohol consumption, whether it be each day or week, impacts the skin by showing signs of dehydration, making it appear sallow and increasing the appearance of fine lines and pores size. Alcohol can also have a negative effect on sleep which in turn will affect the skin.
  6. Poor Diet: a good rule of thumb is to eat the colours of the rainbow when it comes to vegetable choices and to have a balanced diet with a choice from each of the 5 food groups. Remember each of us has different health requirements and often a consultation with a naturopath or dietician can be of assistance. Some of the key vitamins for the skin are D, C, E, and K. Essential fatty acids are good fats and are imperative for healthy skin.
  7. Exercise: as well as improving our sense of well-being, flexibility and cardiovascular system, exercise increases the blood flow to the skin which will keep it healthy and glowing.
  8. SPF: even on dull, cloudy days harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage the skin all year round. Using an SPF of at least 30 each day before entering outdoors and then reapplying every couple of hours will help to protect the skin and prevent premature aging.
  9. Makeup Brushes: these tools along with sponges if not washed every week at least gather dirt and bacteria. Using them daily just keeps spreading a build-up of colour, along with the dirt and bacteria all over the face creating poor makeup application and potential breakouts.
Crimes against the Complexion can be rectified simply with a little extra effort. Prevention is always less expensive than curing and your skin can maintain a healthy appearance.

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