Our beauty within is revealed through our eyes. This does not mean they have to show our age. It is so frustrating when no matter how much sleep you get, someone will always let you know how tired you are looking. There are many options to improve the fine lines, wrinkles and hanging skin around the eye area which might include surgery, skincare, radiofrequency, Tixel, chemical neuromodulators, plasma treatments, or a combination of the above.

Compared to our facial skin, the skin around our eye area is as much as 10 times thinner. The eye area does not have as many moisture and oil glands as the rest of our skin, and this is one reason aging shows very quickly in this area. This is another reason why the eye area needs a helping hand and more support than other skin areas of the face.

A new medical-grade treatment available is called the Tixel. It uses heat, or thermo-mechanical ablation, to resurface, rejuvenate and tighten the skin of the face, eyes, neck and body. It is safe to use right up to the upper and lower lash lines, making it a unique and result-driven treatment. The Tixel treatment can be used on its own, but may also be used in conjunction with surgery and other in-clinic procedures in order to improve the texture of the skin. The Tixel will deliver similar results to those of a fractional CO2 laser, but without the risks, pain and downtime. A most fascinating alternative way to use Tixel is to infuse ingredients including anti-wrinkle injection and hyaluronic acid. This will assist in reducing the crepey texture and help with deep hydration of the skin in the orbital area. It is normally suggested to have 2-3 treatments that are spaced 4 weeks apart.

An alternative treatment for skin tightening and wrinkles is using the Accor Plasma Cosmetic Corrector. This is a gentle and low pain procedure, where the conductor tip creates a tiny plasma flash from the tip of the needle. The tip does not touch the skin but leaves the skin with very small, superficial brown carbon spots that look like a henna tattoo. These small dots contract the skin in their direct surroundings and will shrink and tighten the skin. This is a non-surgical treatment providing a result where the skin has shrunk and wrinkles and small bags have been reduced. Again normally 2-3 treatments are scheduled about 2-3 months apart.

The use of neuromodulators such as anti-wrinkle injections, along with fillers using hyaluronic acid is an amazing treatment when performed by qualified injectors. The easiest treatment for the furrows between the brows and the crows’ feet at the sides of our eyes is injecting a neuromodulator. These injections temporarily disrupt the muscle contraction in the eye area and therefore reduce the appearance of the wrinkle. The neuromodulator can also be used to give the eye a browlift, allowing a more youthful and awake appearance. This usually lasts 3 months and if the result is to be maintained the injection is then repeated. The hollows under the eyes can be injected with a very fine filler. The filler can also reduce the appearance of darkness which may be caused by the loss of volume as we age. This injection may last from 9-12 months depending on how active we are and our overall health and age.

Radio Frequency and PEMF treatments are the most relaxing and effective when it comes to a gentle firming and hydrating result. These treatments stimulate the circulation so efficiently, we have seen in our clinic the reduction of puffiness, darkness and fine lines. The warmth of the RF wand is so relaxing we often see clients going to sleep during their treatment. These treatments are necessary to be performed every 5-7 days over a 6-8 time frame. In order to maintain the result, it is recommended to have 1 every month. Radio Frequency is one of the best treatments to be used in conjunction with surgery, Tixel and Plasma.

The delicate periorbital area needs some extra love and attention, compared to the rest of the face. When combining a healthy internal lifestyle and a proactive external clinic treatment regime, the eyes will reflect our own kind of beauty, being the best version of ourselves.

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