The skin on the neck is so often forgotten, and yet it can so easily reveal how old we really are. In the Clinic I always suggest to clients when they treat the skin on their face, take the same products and regime down to both their neck and chest or decollete. This will cost a little more in both money and time but will have the exposed areas looking more uniform in both colour and texture.

The skin on the neck suffers from the same environmental onslaughts as the face, only it is far thinner and more fragile than the skin on the face. The skin on the neck has fewer oil and moisture glands compared to the skin on the face and this can be one of the contributing factors to dry, crepey and heavy horizontal lines which may appear. The neck, in our daily life twists, turns, moves up and down and is very rarely still, whilst performing these important duties. Therefore, the skin also has quite a workout and needs to be cared for and respected if we want it to reveal the more youthful side of ourselves

The neck can be rejuvenated both topically with products and also with clinical treatments. Sun damage is a huge contributing factor to the breakdown of the collagen and elastin of the neck. Broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied every 3-4 hours in order to assist with protection and avoiding the premature aging of the epidermis and dermis.

Clinical treatments may be combined or used as stand alone methods when treating the neck. Always remember it has taken a long time to get to an older appearance and very rarely is it one treatment to provide the desired results. Due to the body and skin continually aging treatments will have to be repeated if the desired result is to be maintained. Below are a few options for treating both the skin tone, colour and texture.

  1. Fat Freezing with a mini handpiece can help to reduce the double chin. The shape of the jawline and the amount of fat present, will determine if one or two applicators will be required. This procedure may be repeated 12 weeks after the first treatment if further reduction is desired.

  2. IPL Photorejuvenation uses selective light energy to assist with the reduction of both pigmentation and red capillaries. One of the most common conditions IPL can treat is Poikiloderma of Civatte which appears in women and men on each side of the neck with red-brown pigmentation along with a vascular component. Usually more than one treatment is required as hormonal activity along with sun damage are contributing factors to this condition.

  3. HIFU Ultrasound treatments stimulate the soft tissue of the neck down to the lower dermal layers and provide both a smoother and firmer appearance of the neck.

  4. MicroNeedling penetrates the skin barrier to depths that can be customized for each person depending on the severity of their skin laxity and crepiness. A cocktail of hyaluronic serum, growth factors and peptides are used to treat sun damage, scars, fine lines and crepiness in conjunction with the MicroNeedling procedure to reveal a more refined and even toned neck.

  5. Fractional Laser stimulates cell turnover and is capable of minimizing and eliminating skin concerns including sun damage, poor skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. By creating micro treatment zones in the dermal layer of the skin, the body’s natural healing process is activated to create healthy, new skin resulting in both a more even colour and texture appearance. A small amount of downtime is usual, but this can also be determined by the depth that is treated to.

  6. Plasma energy is not new, and this treatment can address the irregularities of colour, texture and tone of the neck. A small amount of downtime is normal with Plasma techniques and again more than one treatment is often suggested.

  7. Other professional treatments available to treat the signs of aging of the neck are chemical peels using Vitamin A, Jessner’s Peel or TCA. Blended chemical peels are gentle enough for this fragile area and may help to reduce skin discolouration, strengthen skin and increase cellular turnover.

Homecare product consideration needs to address reducing redness and pigmentation along with deep hydration for the neck which has a reduced number of sebaceous glands and decreased moisture retention.

When it comes to rejuvenating the neck area, a combination of clinical topical products (for morning and evening application), professional treatments and a healthy lifestyle certainly go a long way to produce a refreshed and refined appearance. Even if surgery is your choice to provide the desired tightening effect, colour, tone and texture still need to be considered and this will ensure the optimum rejuvenation result for your neck.

Skin Inspiration offers these treatments so talk to us about what is the most appropriate treatment for your neck or chin area.

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