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Mesowave Needle Free Mesotherapy

The Mesowave (or needle-free mesotherapy) combines Electroporation (or timed microcurrent), iontophoresis (or galvanic) and Sonophoresis to allow up to 1000x penetration of the actives or serums used on the skin prior to the treatment procedure.
The sonophoresis is like a micromassage to infuse and relax the skin, whilst the electroporation is the injection without the needle allowing the ingredients to work at a deeper level without causing damage to the skin or creating any redness. This makes it the treatment of choice for the sensitive or weaker skin.
The currents help to reactivate nerves and muscles to encourage a firmer, fresher skin that is alive with vibrancy. There is no down time and you can expect to see results from first treatment. 

What Can I expect During Treatment? 

Skin Inspiration will discuss the procedure with you to ensure this is an appropriate treatment choice for your circumstances.

You will be asked to remove your jewellery in preparation for your treatment.

The treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliating the skin (where applicable). Next, your skin will begin to be lavished with a serum and gel are hand-selected and applied.

An arm band with damp cotton wool will be attached onto onto your right wrist- this is to maximise the treatment efficacy as the iontophoresis part of the treatment requires a direct current.

Next the treatment begins with 10-25mins of specific program for face, eyes, neck or decolletage. You may feel a tingle or a disco effect and muscle movement on the face as the hand pieces are moved around. It is also normal for a slight tingle in the wrist where the connector arm band. If on the rare occasion there is a red mark on the wrist, it will subside quickly.

After your Treatment and What to Expect

The gel will be removed with warm compresses and finish with an eye cream or moisturiser or if you are having a deluxe treatment the next phase of your treatment is a nourishing cream application, massage and specialised mask application. Your skin will feel tight, but plump (an analogy may be like picking up a gold fish from a pet shop in a plastic bag). It will look lifted and fresh, sometimes it can be a little pink if the ingredients used were quite active. The treatment results generally peak within 3 days (this may vary depending on your hydration, essential fatty acid intake or general health, wellbeing and home care regime).

What after treatment do I need?

Your skin will be busy trying to take all the goodness in after the treatment and may feel a little dry as it gets to work, so just like you've done a big work out at the gym, your skin also will be a bit hungry and thirsty. Make sure you drink plenty of water, keep optimum nutrition on the inside and we may recommend a different serum and/or moisturiser to use for the next 3-5 days to maximise the result of the treatment..

How many treatments do I need and when ?

You can have a Mesowave Needle-free mesotherapy treatment as a revitalising treatment for that special occasion, however if you have specific concerns such as acne, vascular weakness or sensitivity, premature ageing etc you would benefit substantially by having between 4 and 12 treatments. 

If you have a desire to work on firmness and lifting, it is best to have 4-6 treatments close together (2 x weekly) and then 1 x weekly for 4-6 more treatments. 

So your skin is looking and feeling amazing- you can either enjoy a mesowave treatment as your traditional monthly or bi-monthly treatment, or you can schedule a top-up course in 4-6months time, depending on your individual needs.