Summer Skin Care Essentials

During the Australian hot summer months, the skin needs the most support to prevent pigmentation issues, DNA damage and oxidative stress. No matter how busy or relaxed your summer vacation time is, the skin will be requiring a boost of antioxidants and skin protective ingredients both in the clinic treatment room and at home

.The skin is constantly producing melanocytes to help protect our epidermis from UV damage. As we age the skin loses a lot of its natural resources needed to protect and repair it. This happens more rapidly during the summer months because the skin is constantly in protection mode, which depeletes these natural resources. Therefore it becomes even more important to help replenish them and support the skin during this time.
Because melanocytes rise to the surface to help protect the skin from the sun, this activity naturally goes into overdrive during prolonged exposure to UV rays. The key during the summer is to find a balance. We have to be careful not to suppress the melanocytes, while ensuring the skin is not overproducing them – that is when more permanent discolouration occurs.
The goal is to maintain the production, but to find a healthy balance. When ingredients designed to inhibit melanocytes are used, they are not able to respond and protect the cell. Melanin suppressants may be ok in the treatment room, depending on your skin and if you are compliant with staying out of the sun. At home, however, you will want to limit these to the evening skin regime, blending with growth factors and a treatment cream.
To further support the skin, antioxidants are crucial during the summer. This can be done both with the diet for internal support, and externally with skin care. Topically products should be designed to help reduce heat and inflammation, while still ensuring enough hydration is received by the skin. At night the focus for skin care should be focussed on corrective support with topicals such as mandelic acid, arginine and a mild Vitamin A. Using a corrective that causes the skin to become dry and flakey will actually work against us at this time of the year, as it exposes the epidermal layer, which makes the skin more vulnerable to the sun. This has to be minimized at this time of the year. The evening is also a good time to help neutralize the melanocyte activity and help ensure its functioning optimally.
Being an Australian usually means an outdoor lifestyle. In order to protect, support and repair our skin this should go hand in hand with a good physical sunscreen with an SPF factor of around 30, a broad brimmed hat, sunglasses, light clothing that will cover most areas (should not cast a shadow when held up to the light), and a healthy dose of antioxidants topically and internally. These tips will help to ensure a healthy, radiant skin all year round.
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