Dare to Bare for Summer

Today for both men and women, the notion of bathing suit season incites anything from mild insecurity to chronic hysteria. There is a possible solution for most of those hard to budge areas of fat known as fat freezing. The freezing of one’s assets used to be an exclusive domain of bankruptcy courts, but with ever evolving technology the term has now been extended to the freezing and permanent removal of areas of fat.

 Fat freezing is a method of non-invasive fat reduction. Its principle relies on controlled cooling through non-invasive technology, of the stubborn fat areas of the body. Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cells, which means that fat freezing treatments kill fat cells without harming the skin, nerves or other tissue surrounding the area to be treated.

 Fat cells can be compared to a ballon that expands and contracts. When you lose weight through diet and exercise, you do not lose fat cells, rather they will shrink. Fat freezing can be used in conjunction with diet and exercise to either contour or debulk stubborn areas of fat to provide a more defined silhouette for both men and women.

 Today there are many machines that pretend to destroy fat, when in actual fact they only do this temporarily and the fat soon returns. In order for the fat cells to die the temperature of the treatment can be anywhere from -9 to -11 degrees celcius for at least an hour depending on the area being treated. The fat cells are literally frozen, they become crystallized, die and are then eliminated as waste from the body. With constant research the improvements with this treatment have come to include the heating of the fat prior to the freezing process. To make it easier there is equipment that will do all of this with the one handpiece, rather than two separate treatments, and therefore providing exceptional results. Another innovation is the ability to be able to treat two areas of fat at the same time, which for time poor people is advantageous. As long as weight is not gained the size will remain contoured permanently. If weight is gained and then lost the contour returns.

 Fat freezing can treat areas of the body such as the inner and outer thigh, stomach, waist, hips, love handles, bra rolls, chin, knees and arms. Usually the final result can be seen within 12 weeks from the treatment. Areas can also be retreated in order to reduce the site further. Each treatment will destroy a minimum of 20% of the existing fat cells. As there is no downtime with the fat freezing treatment it can be an ideal choice for those seeking a noninvasive localized fat reduction treatment compared to liposuction.

 Fat freezing tends to be the most consistent treatment today for the permanent non-surgical removal of fat. After having a complete 360 degree consultation with an experienced therapist, the contouring of the body with the fat freezing technology will definitely provide an exceptional reduction of stubborn fat bulges for both men and women. As always any treatments have greater longevity and optimum results when used in conjunction wirh a healthy diet and lifestyle.