Birthday Specials for You

It's our Birthday but you get the Gifts! The first 10 clients to book any of our specials, will receive a fabulous gift bag including skin care and lots more. PLUS ask about our other great Birthday Specials. Ring now on 9979 8832.

This month's specials

Find out more about IPL


IPL -  Save $220 Unfortunately, we can’t stop aging. However we can prevent the effects aging has on our skin. Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL) is an advanced light therapy treatment, that dramatically reduces the effects of aging by erasing sun and brown spots, fine lines, broken capillaries and red vessels. IPL targets these areas and stimulates collagen resulting in a lighter, brighter and more even skin colour. IPL can deliver ideal optimal treatments for freckles, brown marks, redness hyperpigmenation, capillaries and rosacea. Book a face treatment and receive hands and neck as bonus.  Make an Appointment


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Treatment The deep penetrating LED lights are designed to be soothing, target deep into skin cells to heighten their internal functions, photo-stimulate dermal blood flow and induce faster healing, manage pain, reduce acne and treat rosacea. The treatment can be modified for a variety of conditions including skin rejuvenation and improved skin texture, fine lines, scars, rosacea and acne reduction. You wlil see results from the first treatment.





 Fat Freezing - Bonus treatments Due to its popularity we have extended our bonus treatment offer for 2 more weeks. Book in for 4 areas of fat freezing - Promo Price $325/area. Total cost of $1300. And choose your bonus free treatment from any one of below;

  • Facial
  • Microderm
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Tinting of Lash, Brows & Brow Shape
  • Massage





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