Put your Hands Up

Most of us will look after the skin on our face, and even some parts of our body will receive a slap of moisturizing treatment cream every now and then. When you now take a look at the skin on the back of your hands, you might want to put them under the table and not be so proud of them.   » Read More

Look me in the Eyes

Your eyes are usually the first area of the face people look to when meeting. Eyes are the biggest indicator of emotional wellbeing and physical health, and they are usually the first area to show the signs of age due to the difference in skin structure. When the physiology of the eye area is understood it is easier to prevent, treat and enhance the mirror to our soul.  » Read More

Why Cleansing both Night and Day is Important?

Washing your skin at night makes sense to wash off the day's makeup and exposure to dirt and grime throughout the day It also has lots of benefits including slowing down the ageing of your skin. But don't forget to cleanse in the morning as it is just as important.  » Read More

Seasonal Skin Chanage

Whilst the warmth of summer means lots of fun outdoors, the humidity, sun and use of sunscreen over the last few months has taken its toll on our skin with a clogged and heavy appearance. Now welcoming the change of season to a slightly cooler and dryer temperature, this brings with it the way our skin behaves often resulting in dryness, breakouts, and a general lacklustre appearance with more brown spots than you can remember from last year.  » Read More

The Pregnancy Glow

For some mothers to be, the skin can be radiant and healthy with a beautiful glowing complexion. For other expectant mothers their pregnancy can be a nightmare with their skin problems ranging from severe acne to the “mask of pregnancy”, to stretch marks and spider veins, along with rosacea and eczema.   » Read More

A New You for 2016

Out with the old, it’s a great time to renew. Gym more, eat healthy food, lose weight, we have all vowed these resolutions countless times before. This New Year, 2016, with some easy tips to follow, make a resolution you can actually keep, great new skin and a flawless complexion to match.  » Read More

Wake Up your MakeUp for the Festive Season

With Summer, Christmas and the party season upon us, we all want to put our best face forward. Firstly we need to have our canvas, our skin, looking healthy, hydrated and radiant, and this is then enhanced with our makeup application.  » Read More

How Menopause Affects Skin

It’s a fact of life, every woman will go through menopause, usually in her early to mid-50’s. In addition to triggering symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings, menopause can greatly affect your skin too, causing dryness, adult acne and even thin, translucent skin that is less than elastic.  » Read More

Preparing your Skin for Rejuvenation

  » Read More

Spa Treatments for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to provide a very brief overview on some spa treatments, and what to be aware of when undertaking treatments, for men and women who are going through or who are recovering from chemotherapy or radiation treatment for breast cancer.  » Read More