The Wrinkle Report The Use of Injectables

By definition, a wrinkle is a line, furrow, crease or depression in the skin’s surface. Wrinkles form due to a combination of factors – sun damage, habitual facial expressions ( frowning, smiling, squinting), smoking, genetic disposition, lifestyle and as a part of the natural ageing process. They fall into two main categories: dynamic and static wrinkles.  » Read More


You and I always have the potential to get better, and we have the power to transform ourselves. Whether you want to be less fearful of risk, more attentive as a friend, quicker to rebound from difficult circumstances or simply to put your best face forward for 2009, you have what it takes to make tiny and gigantic steps forward. Together with skin therapists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair stylists, integrative medicine and your personal trainer the years and the sun damage can be banished quickly.  » Read More