Sun Safety

Our love of the great outdoors and a “healthy tan” is literally killing us. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, four times higher than those in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. While we wait for science to find a cure for skin cancer, there are things that we need to understand now and things that we can do to help prevent the damaging effects UVA and UVB radiation have on our skin.  » Read More

Something’s Different About You

“Are those new shoes?”
“Did you get a new haircut?”
“Did you lose weight?”  » Read More

Smoking and Your Lips

Smoking causes more than just lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. Years of smoking takes a toll on your face and your skin, often leading to a dulled appearance, dermal atrophy and loss of elasticity. This results in coarse wrinkles around your lips, which are stigmata of not only smoking but premature ageing as well.  » Read More

Skin Rejuvenation and Vitamin A

Skin care has now become, in large measure, scientifically based- no longer simply hope and magic. As we learn more about the physiology of the skin, we are also learning how to maintain skin in better health and thus slow down the process of aging. Vitamin A has long been known to be the essential vitamin for healthy skin. As time passes researchers are learning more about how it acts on our DNA to promote a healthy skin, reduce excessive pigmentation and to increase collagen and elastin formation.  » Read More

Skin Conditions

The skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. Its architecture is impressive. As a quick overview, just a millimeter of skin contains millions of cells, more than a metre of tiny blood vessels, about 50 sebaceous or oil glands, more than 200 sweat glands and over 500 nerve endings. Its pH is acidic ( 4.2 to 5.6), and curiously enough, male skin is more acidic than female skin. The two main skin structures are the epidermis or the outer most layer and the dermis which lies below the epidermis.  » Read More

Put Your Best Face Forward for Surgery

Today’s modern facelifts surgically reposition aging muscles, fat and tissue to restore facial volume and eliminate excess skin, giving way to a more youthful, natural appearance. In order to achieve the optimal health and outcome of the skin and the body it is a good idea to work with different specialists (before, during and after) who all play a part in the “health jigsaw puzzle” with the most desirable outcome for you the patient (it must be emphasized that this must be done in accordance with your plastic surgeon and his requirements). A dramatic makeover is within your reach and will boost self esteem and assist you to look as young and healthy as you feel.  » Read More

Paradox or Paranoia

Some of the most frequently asked questions over the last few years about cosmetic ingredients and terms concern safety, what is fact and what is not. As a consumer you may wish to favour organic skincare and selected ingredients accordingly, however, it is also appropriate that you fully understand the scientific position and the reason for the use of certain “controversial” ingredients. Examining both sides of the argument and their research data will allow you to make up your own mind based on fact rather than myths.  » Read More

Flawless Skin with Mineral Makeup

Evenly toned and softly textured skin is the secret to the youthful appearance that most of us struggle to maintain. However, elements we’re exposed to regularly, coupled with our lifestyle choices, can pose quite a challenge to our skin.  Superior quality mineral makeup products can dramatically improve the look of any complexion giving the illusion of clear, healthy blemish free skin with just a light coverage applied in seconds.  » Read More

Accutane and Acne?

Mired in controversy, Accutane is no longer an option for acne. For a woman concerned about the red and pustular nodules on her face and back, acne can ruin a shopping outing with friends. A teenager embarrassed about the cystic outbreak on their face often stays home “sick” from school rather than facing the ridicule from peers.  » Read More

Are You Seeing Red?

Acne Rosacea is a common, yet often misunderstood, inflammatory skin disease that may cause facial redness, sensitive skin, burning, stinging, swelling, papules, pustules, broken red capillary veins, red gritty eyes and in more advanced cases a disfiguring bulbous nose.  Often misdiagnosed as adult acne, allergy or eczema, Rosacea if left untreated, tends to worsen over time.  Men and women of all ages can be affected, with over 45 million estimated sufferers of Rosacea worldwide.  » Read More