Vitamin B12 - Is it worth a shot?

Skin aging comes from two main factors, the inside, (chronological or intrinsic), and the outside (extrinsic). Our outer appearance reflects our inner wellbeing. We all look to the next cream or serum to bring about a youthful glow, but if the balance of our vitamin and mineral intake is out of kilter, no amount of cream will help us.  » Read More

The Skin Barrier

The skin is the largest organ of the whole body. Both the body, and we human beings do not think of the skin as being one of the most important organs, with the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas taking priority over it. Our skin is the outer barometer of what is happening on the inside of our bodies. If there is an irritation, dryness, rosacea or any type of rash our skin is simply letting us know that our internal homeostasis is out of balance.  » Read More