The Secrets To Youthful Hands

When it comes to revealing (or concealing) your true age, the hands speak volumes. We pay close attention to our faces in an effort to maintain a youthful appearance, but in terms of sun protection and skin care as a whole, the hands are an area a lot of people neglect. Luckily for all of us, there are a variety of treatments available, and each work to reverse many signs of aging, which can strike at any time.  » Read More

Brown Spots and Summer

In Western society we hold the belief that a tan means we are healthy, happy and more attractive. In reality a tan is actually a sign of DNA mutations occurring deep within the skin after exposure to UV radiation. On the positive side UV rays help the skin to produce Vitamin D which is necessary for a healthy body and mind. On the negative side, the UV sun exposure can cause skin cancer, hyperpigmentation and compromise our immune system.  » Read More

Christmas Specials

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This month's specials

The Season for Giving 

Give yourself a treat this month and enjoy a luxurious 60minute Christmas Deluxe Facial. Or why not buy a gift voucher for someone special and they can also enjoy it as well. They can use the gift voucher for the Christmas Deluxe Facial in January or February,  so it makes a great Christmas gift. 

Christmas Deluxe Facial


A 60minute luxury Aromotherapy Facial will include an AHA Exfoliation, Eye Brow Tidy and Eye Brow Tinting. AHA Exfoliant removes dead skin cells, fades sun damage and smooths skin to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. After thoroughly cleansing your face, we use a blend of essential oils customized to suit your skin condition such as dry and devitalized, or oily and open pores from the heat of summer. When the mask is applied, your feet are massaged to ease away the tension of your day.  You will leave with radiant skin and a relaxed feeling of well-being.

Christmas Deluxe Facial only  $150. Book now on 9979 8832. 

Xmas Gifts for You 


One of the most important treatments you can give your skin is a thorough cleansing both morning and night. To achieve the best results use a cleansing brush in circular motion and rinse thoroughly. Follow this by using gauze and a toning lotion. In just seconds, dull, tired skin is a thing of the past. Toning Lotion uncovers fresh new skin and assists in the removing the last traces of makeup, oil and dirt. This prepares the canvas of the skin for any serums and allows easier make up application. Ask us at Skin Inspiration, which cleanser and toner best suits your skin. Purchase any full size Cleanser or Toner and and you will receive a complimentary pack of pharmacy grade gauze.

Fat Freezing


You look after yourself, exercise, watch your weight and eat healthy, but no matter what you do you can't get rid of the annoying love handle or tummy bulge,  There is a solution! Fat Freezing works and  gives permanent results. Non evasive, no down time. Feel confident to step out this summer.  Our tummy package includes 4 areas for only $1300. For more information click here or give us a call to book a complimentary consultation on 9979 8832. 

Everything Christmas


If you are are travelling this season, don't forget Skin Inspiration can put together a personalized travel size pack of skin care products. Or try our Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Skin Care Travel Pack - perfect for mature and dehydrated skins

Looking for a present? - why not let us put together a special gift pack or if you can't decide, why not give them a Skin Inspiration Gift Voucher for either treatment or products.  Stock up for the Christmas time on-line with free delivery. Click here to shop on-line. 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

Our Resident Cosmetic Professional will be here on Saturday 17th,   Wednesday 14th and 21st December. Book Now on 9979 8832.

Party Lip Dermal Filler Special is only $350. 

Skin Inspiration will be closed from 25th December and reopen 3rd January 2017